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Auto Insurance

Shopping for auto insurance?  You've come to the right place!

  • Drivers in the state of Tennessee are legally required to hold liability insurance.

  • We represent many of the countries top independent insurers.  All having an A or better rating by A.M. Best

  • We shop multiple carriers to make sure that you get the right coverage for the most competitive price.

  • We take the time to guide you through the difference coverage's that are suitable for your needs and budget.

  • Optional coverages are available.  Such as comprehensive, collision, roadside assistance, glass...

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Life Insurance

Life Happens

No one wants to think about Life Insurance, until it is too late.  But if you have those that depend on you financially, it is a topic you can not avoid.  In the event of a tragedy,  proceeds can:

  • Pay for funeral costs

  • Help pay the bills and meet on-going living expenses

  • Pay off outstanding debt, including credit cards and mortgage

  • Continue a family business

  • Finance future needs like your child's education

  • Protect a spouse's retirement plans

We offer multiple types of Life insurance such as Term, Whole Life, Final...

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Home Insurance

We have you covered when it comes to your home and/or condo.  Whether this is your first time purchase, moving to a new home, or want to cover your existing home.

Your home and possessions are your biggest purchases you will probably ever make.  Therefore, covering them adequately is important to protect those assets.

There are many different types of home coverage's based on your needs and assets. Above all, it is important to do a thorough review of your situation with your agent to help determine what best suits you.

There are...

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Renter’s Insurance

Did you know that when you rent an apartment or house, a landlord's insurance policy will not protect your personal property?  Nor will it give you liability coverage should you have someone injured while in your dwelling? Renter's insurance can help protect you.

A renter's insurance policy can provide coverage for your personal property and personal liability to protect you from the unexpected.  This would cover your possessions as well as cover in case someone be injured in your home.

The cost to replace your personal property can add up quickly -...

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